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Media / Public Relations

iBrandManager knows how important it is to reach the correct demographic for every project.  We will ensure that a well constructed Public Relations Strategy is implemented to make an impression on the audience most important to your success.

Components of  Public Relations Strategy
• Target Audience
• Coverage Area
• Timing
• Reach / Frequency Objectives
• Media Habits Research
• Media Mix


Social Marketing

Our social media promotion services help create active communities that are engaged with your projects. We work across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Soundcloud to increase the reach, sharing and exposure of your project. Why co-management? Because we believe the artist or brand should be at the very heart of any organic social campaign. We can provide you with a detailed understanding of your audience,  giving you insight into when and how to best deliver your content to maximize its impact.

Our services are designed to help you manage your profiles efficiently and effectively whilst monitoring the activity of peers, industry trends and news and competitors.


Digital Marketing

Combining aspects of public relations, Music distribution, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing, our online music marketing services are designed to increase exposure for your music or project across a variety of online platforms.


Branding & Identity

We live in a branded world. Smart businesses know this and invest steadily in design to build awareness amongst customers; stand out in a competitive market; and inspire confidence which translate into healthy sales. Discover how great identity branding will set you apart from your competitors and boost profitability.


Publicist Services

Time is money. Finding the time to focus on your own music or project and then liaising with media professionals can be extremely time consuming. iBrandManager offers music Public Relations services to hip-hop artists, labels and organizations, building and maintaining relationships with journalists, bloggers, DJ’s and other music industry professionals on your behalf. We will also write and distribute press releases for new releases or project news. This not only saves you time and puts you ahead of your peers, but being professionally represented shows you’re serious about getting your music heard.


Words are one of the most important components in hip-hop. We will choose yours carefully. We offer writing services for press releases, biographies and electronic press kits (EPK’s).

Our understanding of hip-hop will mean that your content is fly and relevant, ensuring that what the world reads is a true representation of you.




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